S y n e r g e t i c s ® PreSynMATCH and SynMATCH Services

To whom it concerns and why?

For decision makers of the industry in order to take advantage of economic and complimentary synergy opportunities by the sales or procurement of a living printing company or its machines physical assets only. Also by alliances, cooperations, joint ventures to meet the demands of global markets and competition featuring or caused by:

  • Open firm successons
  • pensions to be backed
  • Synergetics potentials, cost cutting by synergy effekts
  • optimizing turnover and gain
  • increasing the company value and its growth
  • Cross-selling- and marketing synergies
  • Procurement advantages (lower prices by higher volumes etc.)
  • Creating competition benefits
  • Reaching the nearer customer markets faster
  • Cultural compliantly addressed markets by a native speaking staff
  • More market share, profit margins, methodical business expansion by steady customers
  • capital funds generation and better cash flow
  • Building more trust to suppliers, insurers, bankers, international customers
  • Gain of technological, efficiancy and management skills, benefits of technology edge
  • Production-, capacity, logistic- and prozess optimizations
  • strategic future bulding of unigue sales prepositions 'USP's' (Licences, patents, trade- and service marks, , etc.)

Your benefit:

  • saving processing time for the self-research and acquisition
  • Reaching faster and efficiently the goals
  • Reducing mistakes and risks
  • Detecting earlier top occasions and chances to buy 
  • Receiving fast access to an enlarged market
  • Industry's Insider knowledge  und with relevant Matching-Know-How by long-term senior experts

S y n e r g e t i c s ® PreSynMATCH und SynMATCH Dienstleistungen