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Request Mr. Fischer

Synergetics ® PreSynMATCH and SynMATCH Services

Take advantage of your business development by procurement of a fully operating living German printing factory! Its customer base and access to the German and Western Eurpean markets with its most attractive buying power means future business performance with a perfect return of investment to its prospective buyers. These are mainly based upon:

  • Unique insider's competence and excellence of more than 35 years providing synergetics potentials
  • Self-developped history-driven database of major family-owned companies and innovation players
  • Excellent national and international business contacts to major Print & Media industrial segments, e. g. packaging, carton, labels, organic electronics, functional electronc prints of paper and more.. 
  • Individually selected and sourced projects under self-development
  • Mergers & aquisition services providing real added value to qualified participants
  • No public publications guaranteed based upon-disclosure agreements

S y n e r g e t i c s ® PreSynMATCH and SynMATCH Services are available internally.