Company Profile of FISCHER Synergetics

35 Years+ since 1988
Affiliated to Industrial Print
nationally & internationally

Traditionally specializing to print, premedia, signing and packaging industries the firm has been committed to digital print, prepress, CTcP & CTS (conventional/screen) computer to plate CTP solutions for almost all commercial, industrial printing and premedia packaging and labelling industries. Furthermore the firm has been an reliable industry's partner to the major top ctp manufacturers and their hard- and workflow software solutions vendors as well. If M&A Mergers and Acquisitions and USP buiding Innovations matter, the firm plays its process shortening role by providing the  S y n e r g e t i c s ®  dedicated services for due diligently-driven special projects.

We love heavy duty XXL & Very Large Format (VLF) - CTP and CTcP Computer to Plate..

  • Packaging, box and label printers
  • Step and repeat, nesting & die-cutting, multi-colour forms
  • Imposition and stripping software solutions
  • Commercials, brochure, magazine, leaflet printing etc.
  • Web- and sheet-fed applications, online print solutions
  • FM Premium screening e. g. Kodak SQUARESpot®, Colour Management, RIP, Proof...

All our supplies are directly acquired and sourced from our DACH markets. We use to remarket our machines to endusers and qualifierd resellers around the globe. 

Industry focus: Graphic print and technical print and premedia processes

Research and development of innovative business models providing USPs by cross-sectoral synergetics aspects based upon printed production skills made by and for:

  • Sheet- and web-fed up to XXL format range (VLF very large format)
  • Continous narrow print
  • Metal packaging, crowns, trist-off or screw-caps, cans, tins, buckets, toys, etc.
  • Boxes, displays, paper and cardboards for food and non-food
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Security and plastic cards
  • Labels for beverages containers, bottles
  • Commercial printed products, books, magazines, peridicals, newspapers
  • Cultivation print by embossing, fragrance, filigreed laser cutting
  • Textiles
  • Furnitures
  • Offset, screen, gravure, flexographic, digital prints, iCTP prints
  • Ctp colour, form- and contract proofing
  • Printed products made of plastic, PE, PVC, glas, acrylic, plexiglas, porcelain, ceramics
  • Printed electronics, circuit boards made of rigid and flexible media, RFID tags, OLEDS,batteries, pvc
  • Shadow masks
  • Edged and die-cut metalic tools
  • Last - not least: Printed Electronics called smart objects 'SMOBs' for interactive push communications between smartphones (NFC) and in-built paper printeded carriers

The firms shares its above skills for innovative business opportunities based upon 35+ years of competence affiliated to both the classical printed and the electronic industries. The firm has well-selected excellent national and international business friends and lasting partnerships to industrial and university research entities, that join marketing and strategically relevant skills to professionally provide return on investment at no time.

Visit us at our website and take advantage for manufacturer independent and open solutions for fast professional Brand Protection and Anti Counterfeiting Services: