CTP Print Applications

For what kind of Printed Products you need CTP?

Printed products - samples

  • Commercial prints, leaflets, catalogues
  • Magazines, periodicals
  • Business reports, Image brochures
  • Corporate senses (fragrance, haptic, sound, etc.)
  • Plastic prints
  • Newspaper supplement print
  • One-to-One-mailing, personalized/individualized
  • Mockups, dummies for box and display
  • Proofs, die-cut samples
  • Books, art and picture print
  • Photographic printing
  • Labels, banderoles
  • Blistercards
  • Greeting cards
  • Plastic cards
  • Carton printing
  • Poster and billboards
  • Metal print, signs, cans, crowns, caps, etc.
  • Food- and non-food pakage printed products
  • Textile labels, banners, cloth- and decorating products
  • Shop displays
  • PCB boards printed circuit boards
  • Resist masks, silver, copper
  • Printed electronic products on flexible and paper-based media

Druckverfahren - Beispiele

  • Industrial sheet-fed and web-fed offset
  • Baby web-fed and reel printing
  • Continous print
  • CTP imaging and service bureaus
  • CTP print
  • Flexo print
  • Screen print: keramic, technical, digital
  • Sheet-fed- and web-fed digital printing