RIPs (Raster Image Processors) & CTP-Workflow Components

You also need the appropriate software programs as well as the technical and organizational connection components, such as interfaces, control consoles, gateway PCs, etc., so that your PDF and Tiff files can be exported or output onto your CTP and other media.

Current offers As of January 2017:

Kodak VLF - Control Server
DELL PowerEdge Kodak Control Server without screens

KODAK VLF - Standard Professsional-CTP-Server - Control Computer

Ideal as backup or for CTP beginners mini-budget!

Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition, DELL PowerEdge 2900, used, systemically arranged and easily to customize thanks to the hot Folder for the Magnus VLF Very Large Format, 2 removable hard disks each 73 GB, 4 removable hard disks each 73 GB, system hard disk (67.7 GB), on request also commissioning with the remote maintenance tool (onboard)
License Keys (KODAK CTP) with original Kodak hardware dongle onboard:
FG, Prinergy Evo - TIFF Downloader, Prinergy Option - High Resolution Output, Prinergy Evo, Lo-Res Proofing Kit, Prinergy Option Screening Staccato 20 Series, Prinergy Option - Device Connectivity - VLF, Original USB dongle Kodak C 19395 SafeNet Sentinel - instead of the Kodak licensed system price (new) about 65,000 €uro - now only a fraction of it - please ask inquire or ask for details!

Harlequin-RIP - new, open non-proprietary System

Only 6.850 € uro

High-resolution standard CTP RIP on Mac or   Windows platform with non-proprietary bitmap output in 1-bit tiff format for connecting to such 'purist' CTP-used platesetters, which do not require expensive 'finished' Workflow software or even need it. The system comes pre-installed with brand-new Wortmann (BTO) PC made in Germany with 2 years manufacturer warranty 'Bring-in'   with all plugins preinstalled. For immediate or later use, you can use the FM plug-in for frequency modulation rasters   'High Precision Screening', Proofing, CIP3, etc. immediately - simply by email, the desired release code. The required bitmap data receiving interface for the control of a used CTP platesetter ordered by us is generally received free of charge by FISCHER customers.

Workflow Solution AGFA Apogee Prepress 8.0 (2006/2013)

Professional CTP workflow solution, consisting of   AP Render 8.0 with AP Manage (8up), original hardware dongle, in-render CTP trapping, split for proof, raster preview, Imposition Template Manager, PDF export, Enhance to Control, Enfocus Preflight, 4-UP License, 8-UP License, Non-Agfa Output, Hardcopy Proofing, Impose System License, Enhance to Manage, Color Quality Manager, Satellite, DigitalPrintLink, OS and Hardware Windows 2003 R2, Standard Edition Service Pack 2, German. Buy   at a fraction - instead of the previous owner's purchase price of 58.924 €uro.

Epson Stylus Pro 7900 Inkjet Proof Printer

Epson Stylus Pro 7900 inkjet printer
Year of manufacture 2009, very good condition, comprehensive software package, price on request from stock.