Terms of Sales and Delivery by FISCHER Synergetics GmbH, Germany

"We are open-minded indeed for any negotiation to understand and comply with your expectations and cares about pre-owned quality machines. Don't hesitate to contact us!"

Transfer Pricing to Professionals only - domestic, international endusers and country resellers welcome!
Prices may vary at release for all time differing destinations, e. g. domestic, EU countries and Non-EU exports.  

  • ex works - ex location/warehouse - ex production site, unpacked
  • prices are based upon a Single Law Policy meaning that well-recognized laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply only for all our exported machines and goods. We're sorry for non-acceptance of any other legal applications due to our limited ressources for more than 38 export countries' legal bases in detail. 

Delivery Time

  • immediately according to purchase order

Dismantling, Transport Readyness, Packing, Installation, Customizing, On-Site Training

  • subject to be extra-charge being invoiced on an hourly basis or based upon flat rates 
  • on 
individual customizing requirements, scope of service job and skills of staff

Workflow and Network, specific Integrations and Customizing Requirements

  • subject to be extra-charge being invoiced on an hourly basis or based upon flat rates 
  • on 
individual customizing requirements, scope of service job and skills of staff, level of IT infrastructure

Warranty for Pre-owned Machines and Supplies
Individual site preparation compliance approval and preventative maintenance agreement maybe required.

  • Optionally choose between 
warranty and 2nd hand typical no warranty option (best transfer price).
    Warranty option requires verified operation standards, e. g. environmental compliance to maker's requirements.
  • All machines can be inspected to verify its value and quality prior to purchasing.  
    We are sorry for prospective current restrictions or limitations due to COVID-19 pandemic - please verify!
  • Assembly and dismantling services are performed by skilled ctp engineers. 
  • Ask for our special laserhead repair services (e. g. Kodak, Creo, etc.) Don't sign or cancel longterm maintenance contracts paying for a used machine in one year only!
  • All supplies are subject to our b. m. 'Terms of Sales and Delivery' and in their 'as is where is condition'.

Terms of Payment

  • Against invoice in Euro plus relevant 19 % VAT if applicable meaning 'Netto Kasse gegen Faktura zzgl. 19 % USt
  • Prospective buyers can apply for exclusively confirmed machine reservations against a reservation payment being credited by purchase invoice.


All offers are subject to being unsold - individual agreements and conditions apply only. Sorry no sales to private individuals but to commercial entities only.


All technical specifications, components of delivery (optional belongings) and product features are descriptions of their relevant manufacturers and/or previous owners. In spite of careful examinations FISCHER Synergetics GmbH cannot be responsible or liable for false or wrong details leading to impossible or difficult integrations of devices.

General Terms of Sale and Delivery of FISCHER Synergetics GmbH - Allgemeine Verkaufs- und Lieferbedingungen

The 'Allgemeine Verkaufs- und Lieferbedingungen der FISCHER Synergetics GmbH, Kaarst' apply only for all sales agreements or purchase orders being available on request.