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Kodak plate burn-in oven
Kodak plate burn-in oven
Kodak thermal plate processor
Kodak thermal plate processor
Plate stacker with trolley
Plate stacker with trolley

Used CTP versus new CTP

Reasons to purchase used CTP

  • proven technology provides reliable and predictable print results
  • short-term delivery time
  • great investment savings
  • optional components are often package included

Your benefit at FISCHER Synergetics Kaarst by Düsseldorf

  • Tips and differing features by manufacturer, models and imaging technologies 
  • Investment safty thanks to direct delivery from operating printing plants mainly Germany, Austria, Switzerland (DACH)
  • Practically proven performance of functional and quality stress-tests, available in compliance with Fogra- und PSO Prozess Standard Offset
  • Rapid response and support reaction by direct communications
  • Reliable make-ready operations at 2nd owner's facilities by self-developped ctp logistics within controlled supply chain
  • Pre-installation & site check services and prepress workflow planning
  • Long-term sparepart service - exclusively for FISCHER Synergetics customers
  • CTP service by manufacturer and model specificly trained engineers
  • Top-References are users, customers, suppliers, manufacturers, Banks and the Chamber of Commerce

Investments of new CTP requires ..

  • large amounts of investment funds paying for limited warranty
  • warranty time expires typically after 1 year
  • warranty time extensions require maintenance agreeements to be paid for based upon approx. 15 % of its price per year; calculating a 200,000 € machine investment means an yearly amount of 30,000 € to be paid for maintenance  
  • regulary expenses for high operating costs due to maintance- and service contracts or material bundles 
  • manufacturer-preferred consumables, workflow- and software dependance