Special ctp transport service
Special ctp transport service
Special ctp transport skills are mandatory
Special ctp transport skills are mandatory

Presales, Pre-Installation and Re-assembly

Presales - prior to procurement

  • Manufacturer product informations, manuals, leaflets
  • CTP application consulting for all major print technologies and products: sheet- and web-fed, commercials, boxes, cartons, metals, labels, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • CTP decison checklists
  • CTP economic and ROI consulting

Pre-Installation and Re-assembly

  • Careful dismantling and transport preparations compliant with transportation locking guides of manufacturers
  • Certified export crating compliant with IPPC-standards
  • Controlled delivery supply chain
  • Reliable delivery time by an long-term proven associated logistic partner network
  • Special heavy duty transportation projects with cranes and other tools and lifters
  • Installation success by service engineers, operator and requirement specificly provided  operator training
  • CTP integration, RIP- and workflow connection by open-architecture systems