Spare rollers for ctp processors
Rollers for Ctp processors
Thermal ctp laserhead - 20-40 w
Kodak-Creo thermal ctp laserhead - 20-40 w

CTP Optionals for Used CTP quoted 'as is'

Be aware of open second hand ctp secrets prior to selection of ctp and (!) the ctp supplier. Generally spoken the ctp requirements of second machine buyers are similar or same comparing with new ctp equipment buyers. However there are preowner-like customization issues, that make for major differences to have a look at:

  • different plate dimensions, plate brands, presses, inks (UV, fountain solutions, etc.)
  • previous owners' ctp are sold in 'as-is condition' meaning it is more or less suitable, uncomplete, over-equipped
  • so second buyers need another customizations, system setup changes 
  • removal and modification of previous owners customized system setup, e. g. register, punch, plate formats
  • plate and press related setup changes are mandatory, drum rotation speed, laser power values
  • ctp processors 'different' plate developer chemistry
  • Last but not least system the system language of previous owners 

Finally a second hand ctp machine, that is quoted and sold by terms of 'as is' condition - its prospective buyer is mandatorily recommended to make sure receiving from the supplier some value-added ctp optional components and services by an ctp professional with self-testable references, e. g.

  • installation advise with the same carefull attention prior to sales
  • optional ctp components and installation services with a detailling quotation
  • by an confirmed ctp professional and (!) involved engineer, that is model specificly trained by the manufacturer
  • speaking the language required to understand how to operate and choose the best (pre- and aftersales) 


Used machines commonly are offered in 'as-is condition' with missing pre-owners' customization conditions details. Machines that are still operated in real production environment but just on stock provide the testable real ctp condition verifying its total value including extra charge items for 'hidden' ctp optional requirements