Thermal CTP Kodak Lotem 800 Quantum
Kodak Lotem 800 Quantum
Kodak Lotem 400
Kodak Lotem 400
Creo Trendsetter 5880 VLF
Creo Trendsetter 5880 VLF

CTP Manufacturers & CTP Specifications

What kind of CTP & CTcP by Manufacturer or Technology is your preference?

  • Thermal-CTP, internal or external drum or flat-bed imaging

  • Low-Chem CTP - for low chemistry consumption

  • CTcP - conventional - computer-to-conventional-plate (UV)

  • Processless CTP - plate processors are obsolete

  • 830 nm wavelength laserdiode CTP

  • Special applications CTP and CTcP
  • Other, e. g. iCTP inkjet or violet-CTP technology

Tipp for CTP Selection

Please pay attention to aftersales costs for consumption of plates and plate developping chemistries, e. g. replenisher (hidden costs). It may be a good idea trusting a manufacturer independent CTP supplier, that sells ctp equipment, plates and consumables as expensive bundles or package deals. 

Daily changing CTP Offers

As for our current offers..